Come Together to Stay Strong

Come Together to Stay Strong

The solar industry is facing its greatest threat to date. So, the time couldn’t be more perfect to gather and recommit to what protects our vitality in the market.

Unquestionably, the recent ruling from the International Trade Commission that imported solar modules have caused injury to domestic manufacturers could end up imposing a painful new burden on our thriving market. A forty-cent increase in the cost of modules, for example, would erase the gains made in recent years by increasing the cost of utility-scale solar by about 25%, C&I market 20%, and residential market 15%.

But no tariffs are in place yet, and time remains to mitigate the harm that this misguided action could have on our state, cities, industry, and thousands of working family jobs and welfare. In short, we can hope for the best but we should prepare for the worst.  

Georgia Solar’s 9th Annual Southern Solar Summit will feature the observations and recommendations of Tom Kimbis, Vice President and General Counsel for the Solar Energy Industries Association. He has been at the forefront of our resistance to tariffs and he will offer his unique insights on where we are and what we can do.

But more than that, our summit gives us the opportunity to draw together as solar professionals, reflect upon the strides we have made, discuss ways we can preserve market growth and drive innovation that no government edict can thwart.

Our summit will showcase and promote the undeniable benefits solar energy has conferred on Georgia’s economy and the American energy market. This way, we ensure that the public knows the high stakes of a move that would isolate us in the global economy.

Yes, the headwinds we face as a result of the ITC ruling are great and could deliver a bruising blow to our industry costing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of potential investment  Still, the growth and strength we have enjoyed over the past six years are potent arguments against artificial barriers to thriving commerce.

Join us on Oct. 19 at the Carter Center to reaffirm your resolve to the solar industry and learn what you can do to keep us strong.

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