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Why Solar?

Solar Creates Jobs

(Infographic Source:Vote Solar)

By 2014, experts predict that the United States will become the #1 solar energy market in the world. And with Georgia ranked as the 10th best state for potential solar energy production, we have the opportunity to emerge as a national leader.

Solar Saves Georgians Money

Georgians have been hit with staggering hikes in electricity rates. Since 2004, the average retail price of electricity in Georgia has increased 49%.
Many Georgians are now paying more for electricity than homeowners’ insurance or real estate taxes and future rate increases have already been set. By utilizing solar energy, Georgians can hedge against rising electricity costs.

Solar Saves Water

Did you know that it takes more water to turn on the lights and run appliances in your home than it does to take showers and clean dishes and laundry? That’s because Georgia heavily relies upon Georgia’s traditional energy sources. Coal, natural gas and nuclear electricity use 50% of Georgia’s daily water consumption. 25% of that water either evaporates or is lost for re-use making our electricity use the largest drain on our water supply in the state. (Source: needed here)

As Georgia struggles with more frequent and more severe droughts and water shortages, solar can help relieve the stress on our sources of drinking water.

(Source:Vote Solar)

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