Our Mission

The Georgia Solar Energy Association, comprised of leading experts in solar manufacturing and installation, academia, finance, and the law, is leading the effort in Georgia to promote the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy through education, advocacy and industry support.

From the Desk of the Chair,

I am honored to serve as Chair of GA Solar. While there is a lot we want to accomplish in the coming year, we first should pay a proper tribute to my predecessor, Sharon Lee. The success of this organization over the past year is a reflection of Sharon’s dedication and enthusiasm throughout this past year. We owe Sharon our heartfelt gratitude for her time, energy, and passionate support. I look forward to continue working with Sharon in a policy capacity for years to come.

With the 2016 IRP focusing heavily on utility-scale solar, it is more clear than ever that our mission at GA Solar must be to focus the deployment of distributed generation (DG) solar. DG solar refers to electricity that is produced at or near the point where it is used, typically located on rooftops or ground mounted and connected to the local utility distribution grid. With the cost of solar down dramatically over the past few years, solar is now cost-competitive with traditional generation sources, giving consumers a legitimate energy choice.
We are currently at a turning point in Georgia. Are we going to continue to stay with the status quo or will we accelerate the transition to a clean, renewable energy future that promotes economic development and creates jobs for Georgians? To us, the answer is clear. Therefore, our focus over the next year will be on consumer rights and education on DG solar with these core principles:

  • Property owners have a right to generate their own power from clean, renewable solar energy without having to assume added fees and regulations that artificially make solar burdensome.
  • Property owners who sell their excess solar electricity deserve fair and equitable price for their excess energy and should not be subject to outdated limits that prohibit that sale.
  • Georgians who want to invest in solar but lack viable access to a solar-friendly site should be able to tap affordable and accessible community solar resources.
To accomplish these objectives, we will increase our community outreach in several ways. First, we will advocate for all Georgians by amplifying our outreach efforts geographically throughout Georgia.  Second, we will deepen our cooperative efforts with our industry partners and nonprofit organizations who share our goals for the deployment of DG solar in Georgia. Finally, we will continue to provide reliable resources Georgia leaders at every level can rely upon for best practices and tools that help make the transition to clean, renewable solar energy easier and more affordable.

I thank my colleagues for entrusting me with this incredible opportunity and look forward to the exciting years ahead.
Don Moreland

Georgia Solar Energy Association