Installing Solar on Your Home

Homeowners who want to install solar on their properties often don’t know what their options are or where to go to find out. If you are interested in solar energy for your home, consult a professional to determine if the right conditions exist.

 Site suitability

 A professional assessment will examine:

  • The age of the roof (the newer the better).
  • How the house is situated (a sunny south or west-facing foot is best, but east facing is also good). 
  • Shading of the roof from plumbing vents, chimneys and other roof features, or from trees and surrounding buildings.  
  • Feasibility of a ground-mounted system.
  • Your electrical consumption during all four seasons.  
  • Building codes or homeowners’ association rules that restrict or prohibit solar options.

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 Solar by the Numbers

  • Most home systems cost $12,000 to $20,000.
  • Solar costs have declined steeply over the past 10 years – more than 70 percent – and continue to drop.
  • Solar panels will continue to generate and save money on your energy bills for more than 20 years.
  • Special tax incentives such as the federal Investment Tax Credit help defray the cost through income tax deductions and depreciation.

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    (Source : SEIA)
  • Consider financing options carefully before committing. Read any proposed contract carefully before signing, and consider having it reviewed by an attorney. Here are options to consider:
  • Homeowners can choose a financing option that works best with their budget

Quick guide to paying for solar

  • These sources of financing are available in the market:

Grants, loans and mortgages

Helpful guides on Solar Purchasing for Homes

A Homeowner's Guide to Solar Financing - Leases, Loans, & PPA's (Clean Energy States Alliance)
Residential Consumer Guide to Solar Power (SEIA)

Choosing a Solar Contractor

Choose a solar contractor very carefully. Check references and call the local business and consumer protection agencies to ask about complaints or lawsuits. Any installer should be certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This certification ensures that the installer is trained and tested in the latest approved installation techniques.

GA Solar maintains a searchable directory of professional installers to help you locate one in your area:

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