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2018 GA Solar Advocate Award Winner - Sam Kitchens


The nominations are in! Georgia Solar honored its 2018 Solar Advocate Award recipient, who will was recognized with a video presentation and awarded a plaque at our GA Solar Holiday Luncheon on Thursday, December 13th, at Mason Fine Art - a Solar Powered Facility. Past Solar Advocate Award winners include the Georgia Public Service Commission (ASI and ASI Prime), Mitchell County Economic Development Authority Chair Joe Bostick (Camilla Solar Farm), former Tybee Island City Councilman Paul Wolff (Solarize Tybee), and Shan Arora (Southface).

10th Anniversary - GA Solar Summit Celebration Video

Thursday, October 25th, 2018 saw the 10th Anniversary of Georgia Solar's Southern Solar Summit at Atlanta's Carter Center. Over 100 attendees joined for a lively conference with keynote speakers Bill Nussey, Anya Schoolman, a panel discussion of the Weather Channel's "Killing Clean" documentary and more.  A direct link to our video can be found by clicking here.


WEATHER CHANNEL DOCUMENTARY: Killing Clean is a documentary about Ohio that examines the forces pushing back on renewable energy progress. Opponents of solar and other renewable resources have mobilized across the country to undermine increasing adoption and deployment of renewable energy. “Killing Clean” demonstrates how they zeroed in on Ohio as an early win for their effort to fight clean energy policy at the state level. Ultimately, the initiative failed, in part because renewable energy advocates reminded Ohio’s leaders about the jobs and investment their commitment to renewable energy has produced. At Georgia Solar's 10th Anniversary Southern Solar Summit, moderator Julie Hairston, producer Marisa Venegas, Reporter Brad Wieners, and Greenlink Founder Matt Cox discussed the Ohio face-off. A direct link to our video can be found here.

VIDEO : Georgia Solar Energy Association’s 2016 Solar Advocate Award

Georgia Energy Data and Clean Energy Industry Census Manager Wins
The Georgia Solar Energy Association’s 2016 Solar Advocate Award

The Georgia Solar Energy Association awarded its 2016 Solar Advocate Award to Shan Arora, program manager for Southface, at its annual holiday celebration on Thursday, December 15.

   Arora created and manages, an interactive map and database that provide both aggregate and detailed information on Georgia’s growing solar portfolio. He also conducts and analyzes the annual Clean Jobs Census that shows the growth and economic contribution of Georgia’s solar industry.

   In a video debuted as part of the awards presentation,, Georgia PSC Commissioner Tim Echols praised Arora for giving policymakers reliable information on the positive impact of policy decisions that encourage solar investment throughout the state. 

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