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The fight for fair and equitable solar policy continues…

GA Solar intervened in the 2019 Rate Case at the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC). The outcome was a new mandate requiring Georgia Power to offer monthly netting for all behind-the-meter systems which is a huge benefit to rooftop solar. It creates the opportunity to install larger solar projects with better return on investments. However, the PSC added a cap to the program just before it was voted on. That cap was reached in June of 2021, some 18 months before the program can be extended via the next Rate Case. 

GA Solar, along with other solar advocates, developed a bill that will be voted on in early 2022. Senate Bill 299 would clarify the language of the Co-Gen Act which legally requires utilities to do monthly netting. S.B. 299 would enforce Monthly Netting statewide, as well as remove other artificial obstacles that are “blocking the sun”, so to speak. Click here for information about S.B. 299.

Please donate to support our “SB 299 Education, Outreach and Advocacy Plan”. We’ll continue to update you through our newsletters and webinars as things develop.

It's your sunshine Georgia, harness it with solar PV!!!




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