Message from the Chair - 10th Anniversary Southern Solar Summit!

Message from the Chair - 10th Anniversary Southern Solar Summit!

Tariff-ed out? Let’s talk about the 10th Anniversary Southern Solar Summit!

Yes, I agree. Concerns about the potential effect of tariffs on imported cells and panels seemed to dominate every solar conversation over the last year. We have all become a bit numb to talk of cost effects and a possible damper on growth.

So, now the time has come to talk about the future of Solar in Georgia. We have a lot going on. What better way to get a plethora of information in one day regarding key topics on the current and future of solar than a day with fellow solar professionals and advocates? Along with new trends in Georgia at our 10th Anniversary Southern Solar Summit on October 25th at the Carter Center, we will have discussions of national trends. This is our second Summit at the historic, solar-powered Carter Center.

We have a full day’s agenda of nationally recognized speakers and topics ranging from local to national scope. You will be glad to get updates from the Georgia Public Service Commissioners.  Anya Schoolman, the nationally known advocate and Executive Director of Solar United Neighbors, will talk about “Rooftop Solar.” Killing Clean, the award-winning Weather Channel documentary, will be followed by a panel discussing the unseen political forces working against clean energy. We will have updates from Southface on solar data collection and SELC on local policies that discourage solar adoption. To top it off, Bill Nussey. the author of “Freeing Energy” (to be published in 2019) will tell us what he’s been up to in the last year - which is very intriguing. You don’t want to miss these great, informative presentations.

In between all the sessions, there will be networking opportunities galore for talking and sharing experiences with other folks in the various branches of the solar industry.

Finally, all of us at GA Solar thank you for your financial support, which helps GA Solar organize events like this one and our other activities throughout the year. Your support goes a long way in helping us advocate for effective policy and promote solar statewide on many different levels.

Thank You!
Russell Seifert

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