Georgia Solar Energy Association Lauds Improved Compensation for Rooftop Solar


Georgia Solar Energy Association Lauds Improved Compensation for Rooftop Solar

 Atlanta, GA – The Georgia Solar Energy Association applauds a new compensation program for Georgia Power customers that install their own solar. This program could improve the ROI for onsite solar investments.

The program, available to 5,000 Georgia Power solar customers or 32Mw, whichever comes first, will credit them at a higher rate for the energy they feed to the grid. This is made possible by what is referred to as “Monthly Netting of Energy.” Under this program, rather than instantly crediting a customer’s excess solar generation at wholesale prices, the utility will use it to offset consumption, thereby further reducing the customer's bill. That means residential solar customers could receive $400+ annually in additional savings over the current compensation formula.

Requirements, procedures and applications for the program are currently being developed.

Don Moreland, Policy Committee Chair of the Georgia Solar Energy Association, said the new method for compensating solar energy is an encouraging step in making behind-the-meter solar more affordable in Georgia. “For the first time in state history, Georgia Power customers with solar panels on their homes or businesses can get full credit for energy returned to the utility,” he said. “Over the lifetime of a solar array, this could mean more than $10,000 in savings and a “payoff period” for the cost of installation that is two years shorter. This is great news for consumers.”

The Georgia Solar Energy Association was among a coalition of nonprofits that actively advocated for the Public Service Commission to authorize the new compensation program. This is one of many policies and programs adopted over the past 10 years with support from GA Solar that have made Georgia a leading solar market. Thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investment have resulted directly from these efforts.

“While Georgia led the Southeast in becoming a thriving market for utility scale investment, the state has lagged other neighboring states in rooftop installation,” Moreland said. “We hope this will be the beginning of a larger market for behind the meter solar, which will continue to expand the jobs and investment solar energy brings to our state. It also will provide significant energy savings for households and businesses that will help them prosper.”

GA Solar plans to hold a webinar in the near future for solar installers and solar owners interested in learning more. Visit for updates and scheduling. 


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