Georgia Senate Bill Shines Light on Solar Power

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Georgia Senate Bill Shines Light on Solar Power

Senate Bill 299 would remove barriers to solar energy that advocates say will help create thousands of new jobs.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Atlanta, GA (March 18, 2021) — Georgia Senate Rules Chairman Jeff Mullis dropped Senate Bill 299 this week, a bill to improve the regulatory environment for solar and remove barriers to economic growth. "Georgia's solar industry is ready to fuel major economic growth across the entire state for years to come", says Montana Busch, Co-Chairman of the Georgia Solar Energy Association. "Senate Bill 299 helps remove barriers to solar energy that have held rooftop solar energy back from growing thousands of new jobs for Georgians and will create a level playing field for solar to compete in a free-market fashion". 

"Georgia's solar power resources can be an economic engine for every corner of Georgia" says Busch, "by clarifying the existing laws, SB 299 helps to take the shackles off Georgia's sun to benefit every business, home, school, and houses of worship in the state while growing thousands of new, good paying jobs in the process".

Georgia currently ranks Top Ten in installed solar energy capacity with enough solar energy to power over 300,000 homes, making up just 3.4% of the State's electricity coming from solar. Solar energy currently employs 4,900 Georgians, and in 2019 Georgia had the highest percentage solar jobs growth amongst all states (30%). Currently, less than 4% of all solar installed in Georgia is owned by consumers where the energy savings generated directly benefits business owners, homeowners, schools, and houses of worship. In some neighboring states that same figure is more than 20%. Passage of SB 299 will eliminate critical barriers to customer-owned solar energy and give greater access to the financial benefits of solar to more Georgians. 

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The Georgia Solar Association is a 501(c)3 organization established to benefit Georgia energy consumers by advocating for solar power in Georgia. Comprised of leading experts in solar manufacturing and installation, academia, finance, and the law, GA Solar is leading the effort in Georgia to promote the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy through education, advocacy, and industry support.

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